Life's too short to regret - Dineth

Dineth Dulwan

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I wrote this song about a month ago, about how we should always take every opportunity we get and not postpone anything because you never know if you'll be able to revisit those same opportunities that you've missed. As we all grow older, we tend to look back on these days, imagining how it would've been if we all spent our lives differently, well honestly I don't ever wanna look back, wishing that I could've made some changes that could've changed my life and regret it later after it's all too late. I believe that everyone should feel confident just the way they are because there can only be just one of you in this world. This song was inspired by 'With You - Chris Brown' and 'Patience - Guns n Roses'. This song includes 2 guitar parts recorded separately and then mixed together with the vocals using 'Audacity', the video was recorded later.


Al Diyafah High School

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Grade 11 (15 years)

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