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The music and lyrics for this song were written by Millie Page. Then, as a band, we came together to enhance the song further. Jack Kivi (guitarist) wrote the solo, Juan Angulo (drums) added the drums, and Angel Valencia (guitarist) plays the rhythm guitar. We wrote this song to express our feelings of the importance of attention being given to teenage mental health. We chose it as our entry for this competition as it is our most collaborative piece and the piece we are the most proud of.

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Millie Page is a 15-year-old singer/song writer from Brighton in the UK who lives with her family in Dubai, UAE. Millie enjoys writing her own indie-inspired songs and has a repertoire of over 12 original songs. She has recorded several of these and been interviewed and performed them on the Middle East Juke Box on local radio. Millie’s first EP was launched on iTunes in early 2017 and she has several music videos available on You Tube. Millie has worked with the ‘Ghost crew’ from Hard Rock Dubai on her first studio recordings and collaborated with a number of other local artists on joint releases. She is used to working in both live and studio environments and she has been performing on the music scene in Dubai since September 2016. In that time, Millie has performed at dozens of open mic sessions at numerous locations across the city. She has also been invited to perform at venues including the Dubai Marina Music Festival in December 2016 and is a regular at the Emirates Golf Club Food Truck Jam, Dubai Parks & Resorts and other events. In February, Millie performed at the Red Bull Festival in Abu Dhabi. Last year, Millie was awarded a LAMDA scholarship and also enjoys acting. Previously, she has had the lead parts in amateur productions of Cinderella, Bugsy Malone and Wizard of Oz. This has all assisted Millie to develop her own inimitable style and presence on stage. Millie completed the ABRSM graded singing exams, levels 1-5 with distinctions by the time that she was 11 years old. Millie is an accomplished acoustic and electric guitarist who also plays piano and keyboard. ..

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Well done!! (Posted 2018-10-29 00:54:14)

Bravo!!! Keep going!

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wowww amazing

motivation (Posted 2018-10-21 19:08:52)

beautiful message of this song

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