Someone Like you - (Adele) - Cover by Maria Lawton

Maria Lawton

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Someone like you was released in 2011 and was written by Dan Wilson & Adele herself , this beautiful song was written over two days and was inspired by heartbreak. Adele had a clear mindset of what she wanted to say and portrayed every performance with the emotion she felt. Hi! Im Maria, I've been singing for as long as i can remember, when i was younger my mum introduced me to Adele and I've adored her music ever since, so i think its only fitting that i enter this competition with a song of hers and something that my mum loves, i hope you like it :)

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INCREDIBLE (Posted 2018-10-24 23:29:55)

I think we all know who the peoples choice award goes to! Wow I’m amazed, this is absolutely incredible

Woahhh (Posted 2018-10-24 20:06:15)


Can't hear you. (Posted 2018-10-22 22:16:25)


Proud Dad (Posted 2018-10-22 16:09:20)

Im proud of you :)

Your voice is so angelic and amazing ! (Posted 2018-10-21 19:59:09)

Mariaaa! Your voice is soo nice, and you are an extremely talented person

Amazing (Posted 2018-10-21 19:50:33)

Your voice is so amazing and beautiful

Wow (Posted 2018-10-21 16:08:46)

Best singer! You are absolutely incredible

Amazing (Posted 2018-10-21 14:04:47)

Maria you are so talented

(Posted 2018-10-21 13:57:09)

Aw this is amazing

Awesome! (Posted 2018-10-21 13:17:32)

Amazing performer, well done Maria!

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