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Lana Saad

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This is a piece that was composed by Edwin Roxburgh. I chose to play this piece because it reminds me of my summer holiday in Spain. I loved the culture, people and the traditional dance "The Flamenco". When I play this piece, it reminds of Spain.

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Lana (Posted 2018-10-24 09:05:44)


By : Dd Nn

GO LANA (Posted 2018-10-22 21:01:21)

The strongest and most talented participant in the competition! Hope you win because you deserve it!!

Lana (Posted 2018-10-22 11:54:04)

Go go lanaaaaaa

Lana is the best (Posted 2018-10-20 18:17:48)

Mashalla Lana! your are the best.

Slip disc (Posted 2018-10-19 14:46:42)

Amazing!!! Lana is the best!!!!!!!

By : D S

Lana is the best!!! (Posted 2018-10-19 14:45:57)

Gd luck Lana!!!!!!

By : Jj Jj

Lana (Posted 2018-10-19 13:11:14)


Amazing! (Posted 2018-10-19 12:20:48)

The best participant in the competition so far! Best of luck, Lana

Gdj (Posted 2018-10-19 11:46:47)


Lana (Posted 2018-10-19 09:24:21)

U r amazing

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