Jasryl M. Salvador

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In this video, I am going to play the Ukulele while singing one of the greatest classics, Stand By Me by Ben King.

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I am 11 years old and I come from the Philippines. Since 5 years old, I started singing but its only recently that I started to play few instruments on my own. I just watch some covers and tutorials on the youtube and I try to learn on my own. I can now play the keyboard, the guitar and the ukulele but my favorite instrument is the ukulele because it's so handy and portable and its easier to play. When I grow up, I want to become a popular singer like Jessie J or Alicia Keys. I want to share my talent with many people and inspire and comfort distressed and suffering people through my music..

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amazing (Posted 2018-10-20 17:12:50)

best cover ever! wish you luck

absolutely will be the next star! (Posted 2018-10-20 14:48:43)

really multi-talented! in singing,dancing,playng the instruments,excels in school also,wow!keep it up!

Love it (Posted 2018-10-20 13:46:52)

You have an amazing voice!

You are an angel! (Posted 2018-10-20 12:53:38)

Ur like shancai and dao Ming si

Best one yet! (Posted 2018-10-20 12:47:00)

I’m so voting for you!!

Angel (Posted 2018-10-20 11:31:37)

Best cover I’ve seen yet!!!!

Amazing! (Posted 2018-10-20 11:20:26)

I love your voice!!!

Nice cover! (Posted 2018-10-20 11:19:59)

You are a very talented girl!

Your Amazing! (Posted 2018-10-10 15:43:51)

An Absolute beautiful cover, you have a voice of an angel!

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